Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Breakers Inn

After leaving Yosemite, we headed for the coast. Thinking we'd get to San Francisco, look around and drive up the coast highway and mosey our way over to base.

Well, that happened, for the most part. We did get to San Fran. But, didn't even attempt to leave our car. There were so many people by the wharf...j-walkers and dogs and crowds, oh my!

We realized, we definitely prefer solidarity. So as soon as we found the highway we crossed the famous Golden Gate Bridge (pictures later) and raced to the coast.

A few hundred miles later... and hours of no cell-phone service, a picnic on the beach, a wildfire detour, and a slow RV we found the perfect place to sleep.

No it wasn't in Normandy, but there were only about 15 rooms, and ours was Normandy. And that was our view.

And our room...complete with fireplace a jacuzzi tub. We got pizza from a place across the street and had pizza and sparkling cider while watching the sunset from our deck.

Overall, a very relaxing night at our inn. It was so nice to see the ocean I grew up by.