Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wallowa Lake Tram

Last weekend we were in need of adventure. Like we so often are. I wanted mountains and Andrew came up with Wallowa Lake in Oregon. There just happens to be a tram going up the mountain, which is what Andrew really wanted to do...
I don't like heights. At all. More accurately, I'm afraid of falling. But I knew how much Andrew wanted to get in the little box(death trap) and float up the mountain. So we did.
You might not be able to read the sign, but there were 25 towers the tallest being 74 ft. And more than a mile to the top.

On the way up I managed to take one brave picture before the car lurched and I spent the next several minutes trying to breathe with my head down on my knees.

FINALLY! We got to the top, my legs felt like jello. But, man! The scenery was beautiful. 8100 feet in the air with snowy mountains all around us. 

And adorable, overly friendly squirrels running around. 

The tram is kind of pricey, but honestly it was worth it. The way down, I sat facing away from the mountain and I did a lot better. Maybe because I knew I was done with the tram. There are a lot of hikes in the area, and a few miles of trails up top. We will definitely be going back to this area again to do more hiking. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Stanley Lake Camping

We finally went camping in Idaho! Our goal a few weekends ago was fishing, so we drove in the direction of Stanley looking for lakes with campgrounds, and hopefully, fish. We wound up choosing Stanley Lake, so glad we did! It was so beautiful.
The weather was perfect, highs in the low 70s and at night only got down to mid 40s. It's the warmest weather we've ever gone camping in. 
Here is our excellent campsite. By far the largest, with the best view. 

And really, can we just appreciate the view?

We were there for fishing, and fish we did. The lake was stocked the day we arrived, and there was a bit of a breeze blowing these gorgeous fish right at us. There were times we were reeling in fish with every cast. It was so much fun!

OK, Andrew caught way bigger fish than this one, but this is the only time I had my camera with. This fish was actually tagged(which we reported once we got home). We let this little trout swim away.

So, we spent two days fishing. I did some reading. And we just relaxed, taking in all the wonderful scenery and calm of a mountain lake. 

It was an excellent weekend for camping and we had the perfect spot. We're already looking forward to camping there again sometime.