Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Finished Entry!

I am so glad to be done with this project and I am so happy with the results! Do you know when you get to the very end of a project and you're touching up paint, screwing on face plates and getting all the little things picked up? Well, that part sucks. I was so ready to be finished.

Remember the Before:
 and the During:

Now here is the After: pdpdppdpdpdpdpdpd. (that was a drum roll)

 Here's some details from the bookshelves.

The bookshelves were brought from IKEA, and Andrew added the trim to make it look more built in. He wanted me to emphasize he did it without crazy tools, just his bare hands. : )
There are a few more things from IKEA, like the white pitcher, curtains, butterfly print, and the red vase.
I'm so happy with our new entry room, it's so bright and warm at the same time. I can't wait to buy some reading chairs to make the room even more comfy. On the wall by the stairs I'm planning a gallery wall of sorts. However, none of the pictures or frames will be matchy-matchy. I'll be going for a more eclectic look, I just need more stuff before it's ready.

At night the room looks so nice with the bookshelf lights Andrew installed. There are only a few rooms left to paint in the house and we're done with cosmetic projects. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hocking Hills

We had a lovely weekend here in Ohio, Saturday reached 50 degrees and had the added bonus of being sunny. We couldn't just ignore that sign and went out for a day outside. We started our morning driving to Columbus to eat at this little restaurant called Skillet and enjoyed a delicious, fresh breakfast. They use fresh, local ingredients and only seat about 25 people. The food was amazing.

After that we drove down to Hocking Hills State Park and decided to check out Old Man's Cave. We skipped this last time we were in Hocking because the parking lot was so full. Saturday was pretty busy, but not nearly like we saw last year. 

 On the way to Upper Falls, super pretty. The water was so blue, and cold.

 This is on the way down to Old Man's Cave and Lower Falls. The rock was covered with the prettiest green moss.

 Old Man's Cave is a giant opening in the ground, with a 75ft shelf of rock hovering over your head. There were some pretty cool tunnels too. If that tunnel looks deathly icy, it's because it was.
And finally, down to Lower Falls. We were going to do some more stuff, but Andrew started to get really sick. So we had to head home and we spent the rest of the weekend relaxing.

The Entry Room is almost done, keep an eye out for the finished reveal!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Entry Room Progress

Our weekend was filled with paint, nails, hammers and even some power tools. Despite the danger, we've made some good progress on our entry room.
 In these two, you can see a half painted blue wall. Painting was my job this weekend and it was tedious. Two of the walls are textured plaster, very annoying to paint. You kind of have to smush the paint into the grooves for adequate coverage.
 And now the pretty bookshelves!
 There's Andrew drilling in holes for the cabinet lighting. Then there's Andrew upset that I'm taking so many pictures that include him : ) oh and the lights work. But it's Andrew working on them so of course they work.

I don't want to give too much away but, the room looks even better now, and we're not even done. I can't wait to show off the finished product.

And a cute helping Arson picture. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Entry Granted

Once again, our lives have been incredibly low-key these past few weeks. We finally broke down and bought Netflix and have been watching a lot of movies through their instant stream thing. The Netflix push finally came when our local Blockbuster told us they were closing and stopped renting movies : (
Ah well, got to make do with what you can. And Netflix has opened the doors to a lot of movies we have never seen or hadn't seen since we were kids like Species, oh and Species II and III. I didn't even know there was a Species II and III.
It looks like we are going to take on a project this weekend and I figured I'd get ahead of posting about it. Instead of posting before and afters all at once I'll break it up. Just to show I haven't given up on the blog, just being low-key.

Introducting, our entry room!
 When you walk in the front door, you are greeted by this almost empty room. The left picture is the view from the front door, the right picture is the view from the living room doorway and you can all the way to the kitchen. On the far wall, where the off center painting is hanging(because the previous homeowners happened to leave a nail there) we plan on putting a few tall bookcases instead of those ugly short ones. I'll fill them with all my pretty books and nicnacs. We have to get curtains for those poor bare windows, I'm very picky about curtains(I get that from my momma).
 See how the front door and living room doorway are right next to eachother? It's a nice sized room, and we've never really decided what to do with it.
The color we chose is a Valspar color, Woodlawn Valley Haze. Believe it or not, those three swatches are the same color. The light coming through the room makes color look incredibly different throughout the day. The first and third picture are the most accurate color-wise.
Hopefully, slapping on some paint and putting up bookshelves and curtains will make the room look a little better. In a dream world I'd like to get a couple comfy reading chairs and a cushy ottoman with a soft throw blanket and make the room a little cozy reading nook.