Friday, February 10, 2012

Entry Granted

Once again, our lives have been incredibly low-key these past few weeks. We finally broke down and bought Netflix and have been watching a lot of movies through their instant stream thing. The Netflix push finally came when our local Blockbuster told us they were closing and stopped renting movies : (
Ah well, got to make do with what you can. And Netflix has opened the doors to a lot of movies we have never seen or hadn't seen since we were kids like Species, oh and Species II and III. I didn't even know there was a Species II and III.
It looks like we are going to take on a project this weekend and I figured I'd get ahead of posting about it. Instead of posting before and afters all at once I'll break it up. Just to show I haven't given up on the blog, just being low-key.

Introducting, our entry room!
 When you walk in the front door, you are greeted by this almost empty room. The left picture is the view from the front door, the right picture is the view from the living room doorway and you can all the way to the kitchen. On the far wall, where the off center painting is hanging(because the previous homeowners happened to leave a nail there) we plan on putting a few tall bookcases instead of those ugly short ones. I'll fill them with all my pretty books and nicnacs. We have to get curtains for those poor bare windows, I'm very picky about curtains(I get that from my momma).
 See how the front door and living room doorway are right next to eachother? It's a nice sized room, and we've never really decided what to do with it.
The color we chose is a Valspar color, Woodlawn Valley Haze. Believe it or not, those three swatches are the same color. The light coming through the room makes color look incredibly different throughout the day. The first and third picture are the most accurate color-wise.
Hopefully, slapping on some paint and putting up bookshelves and curtains will make the room look a little better. In a dream world I'd like to get a couple comfy reading chairs and a cushy ottoman with a soft throw blanket and make the room a little cozy reading nook. 

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