Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hocking Hills

We had a lovely weekend here in Ohio, Saturday reached 50 degrees and had the added bonus of being sunny. We couldn't just ignore that sign and went out for a day outside. We started our morning driving to Columbus to eat at this little restaurant called Skillet and enjoyed a delicious, fresh breakfast. They use fresh, local ingredients and only seat about 25 people. The food was amazing.

After that we drove down to Hocking Hills State Park and decided to check out Old Man's Cave. We skipped this last time we were in Hocking because the parking lot was so full. Saturday was pretty busy, but not nearly like we saw last year. 

 On the way to Upper Falls, super pretty. The water was so blue, and cold.

 This is on the way down to Old Man's Cave and Lower Falls. The rock was covered with the prettiest green moss.

 Old Man's Cave is a giant opening in the ground, with a 75ft shelf of rock hovering over your head. There were some pretty cool tunnels too. If that tunnel looks deathly icy, it's because it was.
And finally, down to Lower Falls. We were going to do some more stuff, but Andrew started to get really sick. So we had to head home and we spent the rest of the weekend relaxing.

The Entry Room is almost done, keep an eye out for the finished reveal!

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