Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Antique Turtles, Owls and Kitchen Paint

It's been awhile! Hopefully, everyone is enjoying this enormous heat wave that's plaguing the country. We finally had some rain here, about five minutes worth before it got all hot and humid again. It's making me incredibly lazy.

Today, I did muster the energy to go to the antique store, thanks to Andrew for encouraging me. I've never antiqued alone. But, I managed to spend money so I figure I did alright.

I saw this owl necklace a while back and loved it but talked myself out of it. I found it again and just had to snag this adorable little guy up. He was $18. I am not sure how antique this necklace is, but it definitely has a vintage feel, plus, it's an owl! With green body parts! It's full of win.

I also happened across this little/big turtle guy. He was only $5 so I had to take him home with me. It also has a vintage feel to it, almost a costume jewelery look and really nice details around it's body. And it's little feet, tail and head swivel around. 

I had to get something practical, so I bought the gallon brown glass for $6. Eventually I will rip off the plastic loop around the lid (but that will require sharp tools). Then I got the green juice/water glass for $9. Pretty sweet, right? They will both hang around our shelves and at some point or another be filled with flowers.

So, I haven't been completely lazy around here. I have started in on the kitchen. It's the last room on the bottom floor that needs painting and our own personal touches. 
We went from lemon meringue to Carrot Stick (Behr). I really like it, Andrew isn't crazy about it so far. But he hasn't seen it in person yet. Obviously, those curtains will be burned...

I know I've said before that I'm picky about curtains. But finding good kitchen curtains is harder than finding curtains for any other room in the house. I'm limited to lace, plaid and cutesy kitchen things. Not exactly what I was going for. I might have to learn how to make my own.

Anyway, work on the kitchen is slow going. I can only paint in the morning before it gets too hot so it might be awhile before there are finished kitchen pictures. 

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