Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kitchen Redo is Done!!!

YAY!! My kitchen is done! Well, mostly done. I still need curtains, a rug and more decor. But, the paint brushes are washed and put away and my kitchen no longer looks like a hardware store blew up in it.

Just to remind you how ugly it was before:

For paint I went with a pretty orange, Carrot Stick by Behr, only I color-matched it at Lowe's. Don't hate me Behr. The paint guy put that smiley face there. See why I prefer our Lowe's?

And here is some of the in-between. Painter's tape and all.

Then, voila! The gorgeous results. The picture on the left shows the view looking from the front door.

A while back, I picked up this Flock of Birds from Target for $20. I saw them and couldn't get them out of my head and bought them. I saw the empty corner above our trash can holder and knew that's where I wanted them. They are quite nice, they come with double-sided foam tape. 

And there ya go! A nice, wistful feeling for that corner. 

And just two more of the mostly finished kitchen. The wall by the table will eventually have something, but not sure about that yet. In between the windows we will hang a winerack and Andrew will be making me a small bar. I think it will really look great in the space. 

I never want to take on a painting project by myself again. If Andrew were here, we would have had this done in two-three days. I am glad it's done and I am so happy with it.

Let me know what you guys think. Any suggestions for the giant bare wall behind the table?


  1. I really like the new color! Looks great!

  2. Beautiful room, and I love the birds! Vicki