Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goodwill Thrifting

I've never been much of a thrifter, preferring to buy new, or from clean antique stores. I've been to Goodwill several times, each visit confirmed my thrifting fears: this stuff is used, dented, probably dirty and not worth the price. The store where I used to live in Minnesota was filled with not so gently used wares. So well used, in fact, that the next step for the previous owner should have been to the garbage can, not a donation center.

Even with my dislike for thrift stores, they kept calling me back in. Everyone I've ever known has luck at these places, leaving with hoardes of cool things. I just had to keep trying.

Our own local thrifty place was no different, the first time we visited looking for a filing cabinet. They actually had one! Well, the knobs were missing, there was a huge dent in the side and they were still asking $40 for it. We bought one brand new for $29.99. See the vicious circle of "let's go thrifting to save money", "oh, this is in bad shape", "wow, they want how much?" and then "let's go buy a brand new shiny one". You'd think thrifting would be easier than scribbling advanced math equations on a hallway chalkboard. Uh, no.
Until, the other night on a whim we decided to stop in our Goodwill.
I actually found stuff. The whole time I was pretty much like...OHMYGODIFOUNDSTUFF!!!!!!

 This pretty milk glass vase, I'm looking for a few more. This was the only pattern I liked.

 Two Target candles, still in the package. Why was this donated?

And this pretty painting. The artist painted the frame pink, but oh well. I really like the trees.

On this trip...less than $5 spent. Now I can finally join the cool-kid thrifting club of success. I also think I have a little better understanding of the process. You're not always going to find something you love, or that is worth the reduced price. I guess you just have to keep an open mind and keep checking back. 

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