Monday, January 9, 2012

Scioto Trail, This Fire Tower is Too High

Due to the overwhelming inability for Andrew and me to stay at home and do nothing, we went for a drive last Saturday. Ok, to give ourselves credit, the previous weekend, which was the last weekend of 2011, we did sit at home and do nothing. I read my books, Andrew played a video game. We had a nice, quiet relaxing weekend.
Of course, we didn't want to be repetitive. 
 After spending an hour or so at our favorite antique store(and eating lunch there) we headed off on a road we'd never been on. We ended up in Scioto Trail National Forest. We didn't do any hiking, just drove through the gravel, winding and hilly roads.
Until we saw a fire tower.
 Well, I'd never climbed a fire tower before and we decided to head up.
Halfway up, I remembered I don't like heights. Ohmygoodness, I don't like heights.
Especially, when there's nothing protecting you from falling to your death.

Oh well, I put on a brave face and managed. I wasn't scared at all. I didn't even think of turning around and scooting down the stairs on my butt. I just kept going. 
And fun was had by us. 

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