Monday, August 5, 2013

A Military Move

That's right guys-we're moving!
To the beautiful state of Idaho! We've been in Ohio for two years; that's way too long to stay in one place!
When Andrew decided to enlist again, we decided to put in a BOP (Base of Preference) list just in case. Reenlisting kind of gets you some special consideration for moving. Of course it's all dependent on the needs of the military, your job and the locations you select.
Andrew spent a lot of time researching bases and their hospitals (since he's a medic) and we made sure our favorites had hospitals with a higher chance of supporting a move.
And, holy crap-we got our first choice.
We are so excited! The opportunities in this area of the country for adventure are endless. Not to mention job prospects for an environmental scientist are much better than here in Ohio.
We'll be leaving in just a couple months-but have a lot to do in the meantime-like rent out our beautiful home. (We've hired a property management company).
Anyway, wish us luck-and if I'm absent there is good reason.  

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