Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Big Move

Well, it's been a crazy few weeks. It's hard to believe we left Ohio on October 5th. We spent a week in Minnesota visiting with family and just hanging out. On the way we were in for some rather flat scenery. I-90 through Minnesota and South Dakota are the most boring sections of 90 across the country. At least the sun was shining and it was a beautiful crisp fall morning when we left Minnesota. But flat...see the flat.

We finally found some snow outside Rapid City, SD. And a lot of dead cattle. We're quite lucky we didn't drive through here a week earlier because the area had a massive snow storm in which thousands of cattle were stranded and unfortunately died. In places, there were just piles of cows, it was quite disturbing to see. 

We arrived in Rapid City pretty early and after stretching our legs and letting the pets run around the hotel room, we put Dakota back in the car and went for a little drive.

After a horrible nights sleep  (we were right by the stairwell, and some kind of party was happening) we were on the next leg of our journey. So we drove through the rest of South Dakota into Wyoming. 

And then into Montana, where an hour outside Bozeman it started to snow like crazy. 

The snow was sticking to the roads and making a terrible mess of everything, thankfully we were staying in Bozeman, I would have hated to drive much further in the snow. During the drive, my car rolled over to 90,000 miles. The car is 5 years old...

After a better nights sleep, and a delicious made to order breakfast at our hotel we were on our way. We decided to cut down through Yellowstone for a bit of scenic driving. Of course, as soon as we left the Bozeman valley we hit more snow! But it was beautiful. There's Andrew's car up ahead, leading the way!

Everything was so pretty, it was really too bad we were in separate cars, it would have been nice to just enjoy the scenery. In this spot in Yellowstone we saw a mama bear and her two cubs crossing the road.
Down the road we left the park and drove through West Yellowstone and finally we reached:

Our next home state for who knows how long. 
 We stopped at a scenic overlook at Craters of the Moon and took some pictures. We'll definitely have to come back here, there are some awesome lava rocks and formations, it does kind of look like the moon!

Then, we finally arrived in Mountain Home, and after only one day we were able to move into a house on total miracle. This is a picture of our backyard. 
We've been having adventure after adventure since we got here, there are a lot more pictures and stories to come. We absolutely love it here!

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