Saturday, February 8, 2014

That Time we Drove to the Pacific Ocean

I have neglected writing down our adventures, and there have been many. I'll go back a little ways to before Christmas when we decided to drive to Oregon, all the way to the Pacific ocean. If I remember correctly we decided to do this in one day, there wasn't much planning. We wanted to do something over the weekend and this is what we chose. It's just so us. Well, who knew that come Saturday morning we'd be battling a snowstorm. We drove six hours at 40mph or less. It was mostly under 25. We drove right through the mountains that were getting hammered with snow. We took our time, and on the other side of the mountains, the weather cleared and there was a sigh of relief from both of us.
 We got closer to the coast, and this was our first spectacular view of Mt. Hood.
I forgot to say we brought our adventure dog, Dakota!!!
 We stayed in a town called Manzanita, right on the coast. Almost immediately we drove down to Cape Mearas National Wildlife Refuge in hope to see some birds.

 You can see whales from here, but we didn't see any. There were a bunch of Varied Thrushes, which was awesome!!
We went back to our place in Manzanita, ate our macaroni and cheese for dinner. We were right across from the ocean and it was full dark outside but we went for a walk along the beach. Dakota absolutely loves the ocean. It was his first visit, and it was so fun to watch him sniff the sea foam.
We went back to our room and we all promptly fell asleep. The next morning we woke up to rain (lots of rain out there). We wanted to hike through a rain forest and went down to Oswald West beach...the walk went right through a giant forest. Prehistoric looking.

Just a 1/4 mile through the trees we came out to the ocean.

This was just the first hours of our morning, there was so much more me packed into this day. But, this was enough of a photo overload!

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