Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More Fun in Oregon

After hanging out at Oswald West and getting back to our car, we stopped at several other beaches. I'll admit, they all are running together now. I can't remember which is which from the photos. I do know, that every one was absolutely beautiful.

 I loved the spots where streams would come down from the forest out to the beach and right to the ocean. We also saw some jellyfish!
 We were waiting for low tide at most of the beaches so we could get a look at the tide pools. At one beach, I went out a ways and stood on a rock to try and look at some birds. One moment, there was no water around me...the next, there was water up above my ankles. Andrew managed to catch that sequence of events.

These next pictures are from Ecola State Park, I remember because of this log jam we tried to cross. It didn't work out.

 At almost all of the beaches, we had to walk through these misty, ethereal forests before getting to the beach. It was otherworldly, and wonderful.

 Ecola had wonderful tide pools- we time it just at low tide, and climbed over all the rocks so we could play. : ) Low tide didn't last very long, and one particularly large wave came in and Andrew in his 6 foot height was able to jump to a higher rock. I just had to turn around and cling to the rock while the wave crashed into my legs. It was pretty hilarious.
We finally knew we needed to get back on the road to head home, so I took a few last shots of the trees as we headed out of the state park.


This was a wonderful trip. It was only one night, but we managed to pack a lot of fun in, as usual. The drive home was much better, the weather mild and no snowstorm. We already cannot wait to visit the Oregon Coast again.

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