Friday, April 4, 2014

Oregon, Again

My goodness, we just can't stay out of Oregon. Our weekend trip marks the third time we've ventured into that beautiful state. Every time we drive out that way the landscape takes my breath away.
Even when it's pouring rain and cloudy.

On this particular trip we went camping! Which was our first camping trip of the year, the earliest it's ever been! We stayed at Cape Lookout State Park, and it was wonderful. The campground was quite, and right next to the ocean, you could hear the waves all through the night. We chose a spot farther back from the ocean, with some more trees and seclusion. It was an excellent spot!

The view from our tent. It was perfect. We arrive Friday evening and the weather was excellent. Sunny, and easily 58 degrees. But everything was so green and wonderfully damp. : )

We had Dakota with us, and after setting up camp we knew we needed a nice walk along to beach to ease his excess energy. We walked south along the beach towards the cape, and there was a beautiful waterfall. Please excuse the horrendous photo of me. 

Here's the beach looking towards the cape. This picture is from Saturday night, when the clouds started to roll in and it got super windy. But, we had to walk along the beach again. 

Dakota sure does love the ocean, but I wish he'd stop trying to drink the water.

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