Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cape Lookout Trail

Our last trip to Oregon was such a whirlwind, we didn't have time to do much hiking. We saw tide pools and explored as much as we could. For this trip, we really wanted to get out on a trail. Perfectly, Cape Lookout State Park had a nice set of trails. We picked the longest over 4 mile(R/T) trail. Cape Lookout Trail did not disappoint, we walked along the cliff edge, wandered through huge forests and ate our hiking snack overlooking the ocean.
 When we arrived at about 9:00am, we were the only car. It was a little chilly, but we pulled on our jackets, packs and got started.

At the very start of the trail (above left) we could tell how beautiful it was going to be. It was crushed gravel for a little while, but soon turned to dirt, and then mud... Deep, mud. Oh, and trilliums abound!

We had wonderful views throughout the hike. The trail wanders along the south side of the cape, and opens to beautiful vistas of shore and sea. Then as quickly as you see the ocean, it's gone and you're immersed in trees cloaked in fuzzy, green mosses and ferns, with only the sound of the waves hinting that you're near an ocean. 

At the very end of the trail, there's a single bench where we enjoyed our hiking snack, drank some water and of course took several pictures. Even Dakota ate some snacks! Can you see how muddy his paws are? We sat and enjoyed the view for easily 20 minutes before deciding we should head back. On the way back, we started to pat ourselves on the back for starting when we did, because we crossed path with no less than 25 people heading out to the cape. The parking lot was full by the time we got back! We sure do love our solitude when hiking, and we're glad we had a chance to enjoy the views, (and the single bench) without others around.
It was a beautiful hike, and I suggest it to anyone in the area. And start early if you like a little more solitude like us. 

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