Friday, September 10, 2010

Backpacking Gear

So, as you might know in about 10 days Andrew will be graduating from Phase 1 of his Tech School and will be off to California to complete even more training.

On the 18th, 19th or 20th, (date yet to be decided) will once again be driving down to Texas, hopefully for the last time! From there Andrew and I will drive out to California together.

It will be a pretty straight drive and our last two nights before arriving at his new base will be spent in Yosemite National Park. Woo Hoo!!

Of course, this is all military permiting, that nothing changes and he still gets 5 days to arrive at his next base.

While there we plan on doing a little trekking and had to buy some new supplies, of which I am VERY excited about. I love camping/hiking supplies.

This is Andrews pack (above) it's pretty much a 2-day pack that will help us carry any extra supplies we might need.

And my pretty blue pack. Very comfy, hydration pack included.

These are my birthday presents from my mom. An extended camera strap with padded shoulder strap! Very good for me, so I can keep my camera ready at all times. And a Gerber Gator 2 in 1 axe and knife. The knife tucks up into the handle of the axe.

This angry Decepticon (yeah that's a Transformers reference) is Andrews multi gift from my mom. It's a Basic graduation/Birthday/Tech school graduation gift. He's been drooling over it for a while. It's a Leatherman Skeletool CX (stock photo from

So along with all our rocking gear we got some sweet survival stuff that I am too lazy to take pictures of...but the list includes but not limited to:

  • 2 ponchos (mine is clear, Andrew's is bright blue)

  • A flint

  • Water purifying tablets

  • Cord

  • Compass

  • Waterproof map of Yosemite

  • A 2 day 3 people first aid kit

Most of those things will probably not be used, but when hiking anywhere you should always prepare yourself for the worst! Trust me, I watch that show "I Shouldn't Be Alive" proof that when you aren't prepared bad shit happens.

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