Saturday, August 28, 2010

Life right now

Is good. I started classes last week. I am just taking two online classes, which it seems are going to be very easy for me. I'm already four weeks ahead in one and 2 weeks ahead in the other. Nice.

I'm glad that I'm able to work ahead, since I'm planning a lot of travel in the month of September. It will be nice to finish all my assignments ahead of time rather than every night at a hotel with crappy internet.

Where am I traveling, did you ask? : )

Well, next weekend I'm going to go see Andrew to celebrate my birthday. By celebrating I mean probably watching movies and swimming at one of local lakes in the area. We also might go to the Oklahoma City Zoo, but that is still undecided.

And towards the end of the month after Andrew graduates from tech school I will be heading down again to drive with him to California. He'll be there for about two months before we officially move to our new home. We're going to make our five day drive a little more like a vacation, with a side-drive to the Grand Canyon, and two nights in Yosemite! I've never been to Yosemite or the Grand Canyon, so I am very excited. And very happy to be doing these things with Andrew.

Last weekend mom and me drove to North Dakota for a semi-family reunion. My uncle Pat, who has been in living in California for years finally agreed to get together with the family! It had been 20 or so years. I was very small the last time I saw him and his wife, Cheri. It was wonderful to see them and enjoy family time with all my uncles and aunt together. : )

I'm hoping on my way back from California, I'll be able to stop by at their place and visit before heading back home.

I'm pretty excited to drive back from California, I drove to Texas and back all by myself. But, if you didn't know, the midwest is pretty flat. Coming from west to east, there are mountains!
I'm looking forward to a different scenery.

I'll be posting pictures from my ND weekend sometime later.

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