Monday, August 16, 2010

Dakota afternoons

Today was another beautiful day, maybe 75 degrees, sometimes breezy and sunny. It is so nice compared to the last couple weeks of 98 and 90% humidity.

So, what else should you do with an afternoon like that?

Grab a dog, blanket, pillow and a book and head outside.

My blanket, pillow and book.

Ever seen a cicada? Me either. I know their familar high keen of summer, but have never seen one. I hope I never see one again...

Dakota always has fun outside, even more fun when I'm relaxing instead of chasing him around trying to make him tired : )

Today while laying on my stomach reading, he apparently thought it was the funniest thing to run around the yard and finish with an Over-the-Hattie jump. I should look into some agility classes for my circus dog.

Hoping for more days and sunny afternoons like this.

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