Friday, October 1, 2010

Glacier Point

Glacier Point is the best view of Yosemite Valley. If you want to see everything at once from way up high...this is the place to go. You can hike up 4 Mile Trail, up sheer cliff and switchback after switchback..or drive up the mountain.

(Below: Not actually from Glacier Point, but from Tunnel View.)

I take amazing pictures of Andrew, and him of me...not so much. He took a picture of me and it looks like I'm a T-Rex ready to climb(and destroy) Half Dome. Maybe one day I'll share it.

Can you find what is missing in that picture? I couldn't tell in person, since I've never been to the park. But when Andrew realized that a giant waterfall was missing from the landscape he was not happy. That's right. Yosemite Falls was not working.

It was really busy up here at Glacier Point, given the view and the accesability. There's a shuttle and a bus that will bring you up here. And a gift shop and cafe. This was one of the busier places we ended up and we prefer the quieter ones. This view would be awesome at sunrise, but we had other plans for sunrise.

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