Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Cabin and Bridalveil Falls

Our cute little canvas sided cabins. Adorable to look at. Useless for bear protection or cold protection. At least they give everyone bear lockers. By the way, Andrew is finally wearing his pack and not mine. : ) For the amount of beds in this cabin, 3 twins and 1 double, you'd think they could provide better blankets. Thank God and Andrew's mom for making us blankets every Christmas otherwise we would have froze and become a sick kind of bear popsicle.

Deer by the bathrooms

Since Yosemite Falls was not working we had to settle with checking out Bridalveil Falls. Which was very wispy, but pretty. We walked the 1,000 feet (Yosemite is big on distance) to the falls from the parking lot.

This picture makes me giggle. Like a lot.

I'm not sure Andrew thought this was an adequate substitute for the great big Yosemite Falls across the valley... but oh well. We'll have to go again some time, shucks.

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