Thursday, December 16, 2010

Air Force Museum

Nothing like a free museum to fill up a Saturday in Ohio. A museum filled with plane after plane...Only after the 2nd giant did I get a little bored. Andrew put up with me and continued to drag me from one to next like a 5 year old child. : ) Love you baby.

Of course, they're were some interesting things, like the boat-plane above and the currency from around the world.

Oh, and the fact that Clark Gable's beautiful face graced this wall and was a member of the AAF. Uh, how cool is that.

Andrew's favorite plane...His flight in Basic was the Mustangs.

My second favorite thing to see, UAV...Yeah I want one.

Did I mention that Andrew around all these planes was like a kid surrounded by cotton candy?

Especially when there are planes he can sit in...

There are actually pictures he won't let me share becuase the look of giddy excitement is just too much to show to the general public.

And my favorite, the satellite...Pretty.

Oh and a Star Wars style Laser Gun...or Space Drill

Ask Andrew about this one, he did a report on it : ) Once again, love you baby.

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