Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Finding Love in Ohio

We arrived in Ohio a week and two days ago. It feels like no time at all, we have been running around constantly since we got here.

Even though we are living in a hotel room I am so happy to be with Andrew and talk to him in person rather than on the phone every day.

We are working on some VERY exciting news, but I don't want to spoil the surprise until everything is final and for sure. : )

Ohio so far is not much different from Minnesota, except I'm 10 hours away from my mom. Which is super weird for me. Yeah, if you didn't know she is my best friend so not being able to see her every day is a little Twilight Zone-ish to me.

Every military member/spouse will tell you that new assignments are what you make of it. This is our first military move and I am making sure I stay positive. I can't wait to get settled so we can explore more of what Ohio has to offer. It's so important for a military family, and any family moving someplace new to find things they love about their new place. Make it feel like home.

Here are some things I'm loving about Ohio

  • Trees. There are so many trees here. They didn't cut them all down building towns around here and it's a nice thing to see.

  • Parks. There are a lot of parks here and nature preserves. We've already hiked a bit of one where there's a waterfall and cave. And the trails aren't paved (we love that!)

  • People. The people here are really nice. We had a 5 mintue conversation with two cashiers at Wal-Mart our second day here. Strangers smile, open doors, say excuse me. It's refreshing.
  • New territory. We have so much to explore! We love going to drives and trying to get lost, that's how you find the coolest things.

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