Wednesday, February 16, 2011

100 Books and a Wedding

Ooops. Did I forget I said I'd read 100 books in 2011? I didn't, but I'm really behind now.
I hadn't been to the library in 2 weeks and was starting to feel some withdrawl symptoms.
But, last night Andrew and I took a trip to base so I could replenish my supply.
Now I have four books and can't choose which to start first. I told myself I would branch out and read something I wouldn't normally. I failed, I found all my books in the fiction section. Oh well, maybe next time.
Andrew even got a book, which might be the first time ever. He's a newspaper, Backpacker magazine reader rather than a sappy fiction reader like me.
So, even he found a book about our honeymoon this summer(no details yet). hehe.
I'd much rather keep you in suspense about our re-wedding this summer.
The date is set, but you should already know it.
July 2nd, 2011.
Which, if you remember is our anniversary. It makes sense to reaffirm our vows on our one-year anniversary.
I am excited and stressed about it. As I was explaining to my mom yesterday it's more important and less important than a wedding. I have a lot of conflicting feelings about the direction I'm going with it. I just have to slow down and remember why Andrew and I got married in the first place and then I feel a little less pressure because we are there to celebrate our love and life with family and friends.

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