Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cave Adventures

This past weekend was too gorgeous to spend indoors. We took a drive to a nearby state park/state forest called Hocking Hills.
Right after the entrance is a sight called Old Man Cave, but the adjacent parking lot was packed, and hoards of people were walking in the direction of OMC....We aren't the type for uber crowds, especially since we wanted a nice silent hike.

We moved on, a sign said there was another feature down the road and 11 miles of curvy road later we got to Rock House. A little hike back, and a lot of stairs later we saw pretty rock formations.
And, sadly, encountered loud groups. It must have been "loud hikers renunion day". Incredibly annoying, and coupled with echoes from the surrounding rocks, I didn't see any wildlife, not even birds.

At least the scenery was nice.
Can you see tiny Andrew?

While looking through the pictures, Andrew made a comment saying his stride looked really long and we made some Sasquatch jokes. So I had to add these.

Don't worry, jokes were made at my expense as well. Like, I'm often in surroundings like caves, where everyone around me is crouching to avoid head trauma while I walk around, no problem. My shortness is not funny, Andrew!

This is from inside the cave, which we think is the Rock House. Not sure.
Getting out of the car for our last hike, that we didn't take because of loud people...
He's sad because he knows at the trailhead, we'll be able to hear the sounds of children(and adults) shouting and laughing from the bottom of the cliffs and we will turn around.

Point of story: When in natural places, please be quiet! Most people are there for peace and quiet, nature and reflection. So, take your outdoor voices and stick them in your backyard!

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