Friday, February 25, 2011

Our House

We finally closed on our house!!!! It took forever, but I am so happy to be able to announce our good news and introduce our little house.

I'm sure there will be many posts about are new place as the months pass and we paint and decorate to my liking. This is the listing picture(the picture that made us fall in love with it). When we first saw it the trees were bare and it was raining. So, I wanted to share a more cheerful photo. For now, some details:

-Four bedrooms

-Two bathrooms

-1/4 acre lot

-Lots of beautiful, mature trees in the backyard

It was such a beautiful morning, I had to take some pictures of my favorite details in the backyard while Dakota played in the fresh snow.
There are so many birds; four kinds of woodpeckers, chickadees, sparrows, song birds that move to fast for me to catch a glimpse and cardinals.
Within two days of putting up two feeder and some sunflower seed suet, they were gone! I'm going to have to budget for bird seed by the month.

Well, until the next time I want to show of our first home...

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