Friday, October 28, 2011

Cincinnati Museum with an Omnimax!

Remember in my last post, Working Weekends, I said I wouldn't mind if we stayed home and were lazy all weekend. Well, that didn't happen. At least not on Saturday. We woke up and decided to do something and that something was something we been thinking of doing for a while (enough somethings?). We went on down to the Cincinnati Museum Center which houses several museums in a train terminal.

It also has a true Omnimax theater, the big dome ones, not the regular old IMAX. We decided to get the All Museum Pass, which as it says gets you into all the museums and a ticket to the feature show. We got to watch Rocky Mountain Express.

 Outside the theater you could see the huge rolls of film and you can watch them change the rolls and hit all the buttons. Andrew sitting in the kind of scary seats that make you feel like you'll be pitched forward any second.
It was a beautiful movie, the history of the area and what the workers went through to put in that railroad is insane, and the scenery is gorgeous. It just sealed our desire to visit Banff even more.

We only went to two of the musuems, first up was the Cincinnati History Musuem.

On the lower level they had this little town built up with shops and a boat. My favorite was the printer, I even got a few free print outs that they printed there. 

Then there was the Natural History and Science Museum. 
 Neil Armstrong's suit makes an appearance.
 So do several, now extinct animals. Like the Elk Moose (top right), probably now my favorite animal that doesn't exist anymore.

 A real ice core! We were stupid excited about this, because we are dorks.

Too bad the fountain wasn't working, but goodness, there were a lot of pennies in that fountain. I wonder how much they scoop out of there each season. They should feature it in the museum somewhere.

It was a really good day, we packed sandwiches for lunch and ate in the car after the movie. It was a beautiful day and we were able to have the windows down. We took the long way home, went to bed early and prepared to do nothing on Sunday...yeah right. : )

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