Monday, October 3, 2011

Hiking in John Bryan State Park

Sunday was such a beautiful day in our part of Ohio, we woke up to a brisk 44 degrees and sunshine. after a yummy breakfast of two pieces of bacon and half a bagel each, Andrew and I decided to set off for another hike. More like, Andrew finally gave into my begging and we set off for another hike.
We decided to hike the trail where we left of last week from the John Bryan State Park side. South Gorge Trail.  

 This actually isn't South Gorge Trail, this is Camp Trail, we only went a little ways to see what was back there. But, we decided to stick with our original plan.

 The bridge leading over to South Gorge Trail, and one of the many crooked bridges for stream crossing. The picture is straight, the bridge is not. At least it wasn't slippery like many of the wooden boardwalks.

You can always tell when I've taken the picture of Andrew, I'm always looking up at him...

Back to the bridge where we left off last week. We crossed and took part of the Stagecoach Trail back to the parking lot. It was about 2.6 miles and super refreshing on such a cool morning.

If you're wondering, John Bryan State Park and Clifton Gorge are connected and right in the quaint town of Yellow Springs, Oh. It's not too far from our own little village, which is not as cute and quaint. Yellow Springs has bike trails, hiking(obviously), shops with local crafts and art, and cafes.

The rest of the day was just at gorgeous and I sat outside reading with Dakota for most of the afternoon, now that's what I call a nice Sunday.

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