Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dakota Mischief

After our beautiful hike down in Clifton Gorge, what's better to come home to than an escaped husky? Well, that would be a not-escaped husky. Our fluffy Dakota decided to jail break while we were away and terrorize the cat and I'm sure there was a whole lot of couch-laying as well.

Dakota is kenneled while we're out of the house. Not really wanting to come home to chewed up paper towels, or destroyed cat toys.

Speaking of destroyed cat toys. When we walked in the door we were greeted by an overly excited Dakota and a very poofy Arson. After our initial shock, Andrew realized Dakota decided to try wearing Arson's cat cube...

How'd that work out for ya bud? After a minute or so of laughing hysterically and me taking a few(very blurry) pictures. I helped him escape.

It was all very exciting and funny. Dakota promptly fell asleep after I rescued him from the evil cat cube. And Arson, well...he hasn't played around with his cat toy since. Typical older brother. 

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