Monday, September 26, 2011

Clifton Gorge

On Saturday we decided to head down to Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve to do a little hiking. The day was foggy and cool, a perfect day to wander in the woods. We'd been here before in very early summer and I didn't bring my camera. I had to go back so I could take pictures.

Steamboat Rock was formed at the bottom of an ocean...pretty cool.

The sign coming back leaving Clifton Gorge, we didn't hike John Bryan, we decided to save it for another day.

Andrew covering his head with a huge leaf.

Me doing my best chipmunk impression while Andrew holds the giant leaf behind my head.

Clifton Gorge is a great place to hike, the trails can be a little slippery from all the damp by the gorge, but it's so pretty. I have no idea how far the trail from one end to another is, but we hiked for about 2 hours, probably because I stopped every two feet to take a picture of a pretty leaf or mushroom or stick or the get the picture.

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