Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Last of the Smokies and Maker's Mark

The last morning I figured I'd better take a few pictures of where we stayed and I'm glad I did. It will continue to remind me how much I can't wait to go back. Going to the Smokies is quickly becoming my favorite weekend getaway because it can be done really inexpensively.
The name of our cabin was Cades' Cabin.

 This was the view from mine and Andrew's room on the basement level. Yes, that's a jacuzzi.

 The living room, and cute moose details. It has a huge porch off the main floor.

On the road we went and stopped at Maker's Mark in Kentucky. They give free tours, and free is always better in my opinion. 

There was also a tasting at the end that I wasn't expecting. Who gives out expensive Bourbon on a free tour? Apparently Maker's Mark does, they get you in the gift shop though. We all tried the original Maker's Mark and the new 46 recipe. I've never had bourbon and am no expert but could not take the stronger 46 version. My eyes, nose and throat started watering in a not so pleasant way. The original wasn't too bad, it reminded me of cookies because of the strong vanilla smell/flavor. Definitely not something I'll start drinking on any sort of regular basis.
But a good time was had by all, I'd love to go back some day and take more pictures of the property because it was in a beautiful place.

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