Thursday, October 13, 2011

Whitewater State Park, Minnesota Trip

We recently got back from a trip to Minnesota. I had some stuff to do and we visited with family, since it had been six months since I saw my mom! Six months, that's a big deal people. Speaking of my momma, it's her birthday and I already told her happy birthday.

Anyway, while we were there we wanted to head down to Whitewater State Park near St. Charles and check out the fall colors. The colors weren't amazing, with the heat and wind everything dried to a crisp and blew off the trees. It was still pretty though.
Andrew may pretend to be an adult, but I caught him kicking the leaves!

That's all one snake, I didn't get a single perfect picture of the fast moving little bugger. I figured I'd show you all three, blurry ones.

Chimney Rock itself and us standing in front of it.

For some reason we decided this birch branch was our trophy and took a few celebratory pictures with it. No, we didn't keep it! It is a state park after all, we gently placed it back where we found it. : )

It was a nice climb, even it it was hot and windy(see my hair flying all over). I'm glad we went and stretched our legs where we used to spent so much time in high school and after.

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