Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some Gifts: Books, Gourd Owls and Hedgehog Wine Stoppers

Instead of piling on a whole bunch of pictures of things we got in Minnesota, I'll break it into little bits. These are some things from my mom and it's not even all here. She spoils us.

Our last afternoon in Minnesota, Mom, Andrew and me stopped in an antique mall we'd never seen before. We all wound up finding some books we wanted. Well, the minimum charge was $10, and both our hauls came just under $10, so we had to combine to make it over $20 by about ten cents. So, mom wound up buying us our books. The King Henry VIII is not from there, that's an old family book. And the crocheted towel is from Andrew's mom. I liked it under the books. The little owl is Andrew's ornament from mom, it's actually a little gourd that's been carved, so cute!
 Mom got me these bears a little while back.
 The cool Christmas bird house is from mom from last year. The clippy bird and plaid reindeer are from my brother and his wife. The reindeer is supposed to be an ornament, but it had an unfortunate accident : )

I got a lot of cool kitchen-y, entertaining type stuff. Like the Houdini wine opener and serving tray. Then there's my cute little hedgehog wine stopper. Isn't he adorable!
The penguins on the left are purely decorative, but I put them in front of a sparkly Christmas card from Andrew's aunt to make everything more festive.

I really can't wait to use my cheese tray, I'm going to be using that Christmas Eve. Can you believe that I haven't even shown you everything? I'll post pictures of Andrew and me opening presents soon, and that should about cover it from Mom's side. But then there's Andrew's parents too, who were super generous and got me something awesome. But, I don't want to give it all away too soon. Hint: I could lose a finger (or several) using this thing.

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