Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter Travel

Me and my momma

This last week was filled with fun, family and food. Lots of food. Andrew and I spent a wonderful week in Minnesota with family. There was a lot of running around, running errands, visiting, Christmas shopping and present opening. I was even able to help mom decorate the tree, which I missed out on last year. Last year, we spent our holiday in a hotel room.

We enjoyed an early Christmas with my mom and Andrew's parents. Now we are home, tired and done with winter travel. I'll be posting pictures of some cool stuff we got and of some pictures we took over the week. For now, we're both resting up and unpacking the mass of stuff we accumulated while we were gone.

Winter traveling, especially around the holidays can be pretty overwhelming. The weather can be downright scary depending on where you're going. We got really lucky with just a bit of rain through Indianapolis and dry highway the rest of the way. There was snow in Minnesota and bitter cold. It made us both miss Ohio.

Then there's the visiting, you want to see everyone, but time flies and there's never enough time. Plus, add the exhaustion of travel itself and add a dog and a cat (the pets came too). Thankfully, we got to see almost everyone. I had such a wonderful time with my mom, as usual. This visit she took the whole week off so we had a lot of time to talk about anything and everything and just sit and talk about nothing at all. I didn't feel rushed like our last visit home.

Hopefully, with the holiday season starting to wrap up for us, I'll be doing some more blogging. I know I've been taking a lot of pictures lately. : )

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