Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekend in San Antonio

Well, if you didn't know, Texas is hot. Texas in June is even hotter. I guess the heat wasn't horrible, it was the humidity combined with the heat. When we woke up in the morning you could stir the sticky moisture in the air with your hand. It's not even that bad here in Minnesota.
It's alright though, I was there for one thing and one thing only, to see Andrew!
And see him I did.
After his graduation on Friday we decided to see some touristy sights like some missions, including the Alamo and the Riverwalk downtown. And eat. : ) Since Andrew lost 40 pounds while in BCT, he needed some nourishment.

So we started with some old missions.

We did visit the Alamo. Did you know they built a city around it? Yeah, downtown San Antonio surrounds the Alamo. It was also incredibly crowded. I prefered the other, less touristy missions. They still retained some of their dignity.

We did go to a few restaurants while there, I can't remember most of the names, except one. The best burger I have ever had in my life existed at a strip mall cafe called Longhorn Cafe
I suggest you go there. I had the Guacamole Burger and onion rings, and of course a huge glass of sweet tea. It was delicious.

Saturday we went to the movies to watch Iron Man 2. It was an ok movie, not up to the standards of the first.

We mostly stayed around the hotel and watched tv. Andrew napped for a while, and it was nice to just be in the same room with him again.
That night we went to a football game. Tickets were $5 at the gate for Airmen and I think $6 for everyone else. Football is not our thing, but it allowed the Airmen to stay out past their 2000 curfew.

Needless to say there were a lot of Airmen at this game.

Sunday was a base only day, so we had to find things to do on base, and there are not a lot of options. We went to the BX, several times. Walked around the parade grounds and looked at the out-of-commision planes.

We said goodbye at 1930 that night and went back to the hotel. Andrew was heading off the Sheppard AFB in the morning and we were heading back to Minnesota.

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