Thursday, March 24, 2011

Giant Ice Cream Cones and a Hail Storm

It's been wonderfully spring like, thunderstorms and warm days. Our heat has been off for close to three weeks. Woohoo for energy savings!
Well, when it gets to 65 degrees one day and Andrew just happens to hear about a dairy farm from one of his patients, you just know I'm going to be there.
Oh, and Andrew neglected to mention until we were almost there that there is a petting zoo.
And I didn't have my camera. : (
The petting zoo was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, those are necessary.
There were baby cows and goats and the dairy cows are Jersey cows. Which if you didn't know are my favorite cow. Fuzzy ears.
The ice cream, cheese and any other product made from milk they sell is all made there at this working dairy farm.
We both got a waffle cone with 2 scoops.
Bad idea...Say it with me, bad idea.
This picture is from day 2. I couldn't even get past the first scoop and had to put it in the freezer.
It was delicious! And inexpensive, for both our giant ice cream cones, $5 and some change.
Warm weather, passing thunderstorms and ice cream. That's all fine and dandy until you're on your way to a nursery to buy plants and get stuck in a hail storm and the temp has now dipped to a whopping 38 degrees.

I'm pretty sure I'm being punished for not bringing my camera to the petting zoo.


  1. I want thunderstorms and 65 degree weather soo bad. It snowed here last night :( Total bummer. Hopefully it melts fast - I've got spring fever!

  2. Was it Young's? I love that place! My H and I used to meet there for lunch a lot in college because it was equal distance from both our campuses. : ) I do miss their ice cream.

  3. Haley, ick about the snow. I hope you get some warm weather soon.

    Jen, it was Young's! It was delicious, and it's not too far down the road from us. We'll have to eat some food the next time we go.