Monday, March 28, 2011


Andrew's parents came down this weekend to see our new house and visit. We took them around our part of Ohio which included the most delicious restaraunt ever, Smokey Bones and the Air Force Museum. We even drove to West Virginia.
We also went to our favorite antique store, squee :)

It never fails that when we go to this store we find something. Even if we weren't looking for something.

We've been waiting to find a ladder of some sort to use as a blanket/quilt holder for the guest bedroom. It had to be tall, and rustic. Our downstairs ceilings are nine feet tall and all the windows are just under that.

We found this beauty and snagged it up! $25

And of course, we found some more paintings.

Another winter scape, with a barn. $14
And this more summer-y painting, $9.99

There were also some insulators we bought that Andrew's going to use for a project. I'll wait to show those until he's done with his fun.

Overall, it was a great weekend. We're tired, but it was so fun to show of our home!


  1. If I lived in Ohio and found out where you lived I would totally steal that ladder. I've always wanted one to put in my home but have never found a good one. Or any, actually! I've been cruising around your blog and I just love it because I'm so in love with home decorating and am eagerly counting down the day I can move from an Apartment to a House.

  2. That's great!! Good to see you putting your own personal stamp on things!