Monday, March 14, 2011

A Substantial Post, Maybe

I've been thinking. Why do I blog?
Well, mostly I blog for myself but, I also blog for family.
I happen to be the only member of my family that lives in Ohio. Blogging is a great way to share our life with family back home(mostly, my mom) with a few family members that stay connected with Facebook.
So, while my blog has no organization and definately no theme, it's filled with our adventures and now our home.
Like this post here. Andrew and I had an awesome weekend. Saturday we went to an outlet center, specifically to go to Pottery Barn since Andrew had never been to one. We found some cute things on major sale that I'll post later, not all of them have been settled into the house and I'd rather post them in their new environment.
Sunday was even more random. We went to breakfast and the grocery store from some produce for the week and decided on a whim to go for a drive. If you know us personally, this is our favorite pastime.
We saw a sign that said Ohio Caverns and in a split second I shouted for Andrew to turn. Stopping to turn at 60 was pretty awesome. hehe.
We weren't sure what we'd find and if we'd be able to get in. But, after a few miles there was a park and building advertising tours and a cave.
We went inside and figured what the hell? Cave tour on our Sunday morning.
It was just 9am and we were the first tour of the morning and it turned into a private tour! We were the only ones there plus our tour guide.
Due to the spontaneity of our trip I didn't have my camera. This photo is from the Ohio Caverns website.
It was really neat, since I'm a girl that grew up on Niagra Cave in Minnesota this was pretty different. And there were even some friendly bats flying around.

Well, now you know. I blog for me and family.
We shop at Pottery Barn.
Take random cave tours on Sunday mornings.
Love to drive around.

And need to remember to have my camera at all times.

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