Friday, March 11, 2011

A Simple Post for a Simple Fix

We are lucky enough to have a see-through bathroom cabinet left behind from the previous owners and right now have no desire to replace.

You can see all of our things, packages included. And, well I for one don't like toiletry packages. Especially q-tips and cotton balls. At first, I wanted to buy some pretty apothecary jars, a la Pottery Barn, but those could set me back a pretty penny.

We had another idea ...jars. Plain old jars.

During our mental break last Saturday we were on a look out for Mason style jars with lids. We scored this babies for $2 a piece.

And they hold our things so nicely. By the way, I don't approve of the blue q-tips. Andrew bought those during training and I hate wasting things, I can't wait until they are gone and I can get all white ones. Yes, I'm a q-tip snob.

For another project we are going to take the glass out of this and replace it with tin that I'll stamp some art into. Woohoo DIY.

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