Monday, April 4, 2011

Fossils and Baking

Ok, I didn't find the fossils while I was baking.

Today is a rainy, stormy day which is a perfect day for baking.

One of Andrew's coworkers requested these peanut butter Hershey cookies. I've never made them before but they were a cinch.

Well, that wasn't enough for me. I had this recipe written on a scrap of paper for an oatmeal no-bake cookie. I took a stab at it.

I have no idea how either of my cookies turned out, but they do look delicous.

This is what I caught Dakota doing while I was baking.

Dancing? Sniffing?

Andrew and I had an awesome weekend.

On Saturday we headed down to a town that boasts that it's the "antique capital of the midwest".

We love antiques so it didn't take much convincing.

We arrived way too early for anyone to be awake but us. And decided to explore. On our way to what was advertised as a Pioneer Village we saw a sign for Cesear Lake Gorge or something like that.

Took a left, a right and found our way into a really pretty park. With a huge resivore.

To our surprise and my giddy excitement there was a flat area in between two rock cliffs with a sign that said free fossil hunting permits were available at the park office.



So, we spent the next hour in the freezing wind(without proper clothes) looking for fossils.

We found a neat variety of shells and coral. This area is a dried up sea floor, so there were lots of shells.

The ranger up front also told us about their hiking trails and they have a 13 miler! Woo hoo.

So, this weekend that's our plan.

We also had fun on Sunday too, but I'll blog about that tomorrow.

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