Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring on the Home Front

This morning feels like Spring, crisp and sunny. There are also green buds starting in on the trees. I am so happy about this! We have a lot of trees, when these fill in we'll have a nice shady backyard. It's nice because our porch has no trees nearby, so it'll be sunny on the porch but we can go out and lay in the shady yard. Under a hammock, perhaps.

Some sort of flowering shrub. There are some of these on the south side of the house as well. I'll have to take them out because the previous homeowner planted them way too close to the house.

I'm an all-season girl. When it's summer, I love it and can't imagine a better season. When it's fall or winter I feel the same. Every time of year has something to other that makes it beautiful. Even though Ohio winters don't seem to be as distinct as Minnesota winters I'm grateful there seems to be four distinguishable seasons.

Speaking of seasons, pretty soon it's going to be gardening season and I'll be getting ready to start work on my garden in a few weeks, I can't wait!

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