Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Eggs are Running Amok

I just couldn't let Easter pass without decorating some eggs. I felt fun and adventurous and bought two different egg coloring kits. One traditional Paas and a newfangled speckle egg thing.

There wound up being some repeat colors, but the speckle egg kit had way richer colors.

Dakota running amok while I decorate. Dakota usually runs amok. That's kind of his personality. We actually should have named him Amok.

Oh, and for the record, it was not sunny. It started to rain and I had to shut the door to the backyard and Dakota had to contain him amok-ness inside.
See the wonderful green and pink and the yellows, those are from the speckle kit.

Me, trying to get the eggs to speckle.

I wasn't liking the effect, so I grabbed my paint brushes and went a little crazy.

See? Oops, not exactly like the cover of the box. And, technically not our 1st Easter. More like 6th Easter. Just our first as a married couple.

You might think that the ones in the background with the peeling dye are the speckled ones. They're not, they are all the Paas colored ones. For some reason they started peeling in a very odd way. They still look kind of cool, I guess.

And, I'm really proud of the egg with the bees. : )

Wondering where my husband is?

Uh, not helping me decorate eggs.

He's calming the crazy Amok

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