Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finally, Living Room Paint

After almost four straight weekends of painting, we called it quits. We were done painting for a long time. After all, the ugly rooms had been taken care of. The bright lavender in the quest bedroom: check. The Buckeye red and grey in the office and guest bath: check. Ugly golden yellow/brown in the upstairs bathroom: check.

Everything else was looking ok. The living room was a little dark for my tastes. A dark brown with darker avocado-y green. The sun doesn't hit the living room until late afternoon and it stays rather gloomy in this room all day. Andplusalso, the ceilings are like twelve feet high, ugh.

We finally decided to do something about it and picked out some paint chips at Lowe's. At first I only grabbed a grey and new, lighter green. As I was waiting for samples I decided to grab a yellow, too.

And... I love it.

This is the yellow next to the grey.

This is the lighter green next to the yellow.

I'm in love with the yellow. So this weekend is another long one of painting.

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