Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Andrew and I eat a lot of tomatoes. Our bi-weekly grocery bill consists of about $10 of tomatoes, as long as they look good. Due to our tomato consumption I knew I wanted to plant tomatoes, and lots of them. I picked a spot by our side gate, it's full sun until late afternoon which is great for tomatoes.

But first, I had to get the spot plantable. The previous owners like everything else they did and everything else they planted were misled(or purposely lazy) enough to think that low-maintence means no-maintence.

Here's the difference: violets, hosta, whatever other scrub brush they had=low-maintence.


About two hours of pulling, digging, and raking this very compacted clay-ey soil, I had something I could work with. I dug some holes, filled it with lovely, vitamin-rich soil and smushed my baby tomato plants in.

I planted, Roma, Cherry and Big Beef tomatoes. Roma for tacos, salsa, pico de gallo. Cherry for salad and snacks. Big Beef for BLTs, tomato sandwiches and fried green tomatoes.

I also got this pretty bird bath at the store the other day, which is just off to the side of the garage door. It brings a nice splash of color.

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