Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hat on Dog and Flowers

Sometimes we torture our pets. From previous posts, you know I dress up my cat, Arson.

Well, Dakota is not immune to this. However, XL dog sweaters costs a lot more than a Small.

So, we improvise.

With papa's uniform

(I call Andrew papa when talking about him to our pets, yeah I'm crazy)

Almost there...

And, bingo! For about 2 whole seconds before he ran off whimpering in the corner.

Ok, not really.

To the flowers. Saturday was a lovely day. We spent all morning running around, some were fun some were boring. Like buying shears and sunflower seeds at Lowe's. Other's were boring, like going to base for something I don't even remember. Perk: I found a way better deal for a trowel and loppers on base. Tax free.

Andrew surprised me by taking me to the nursery for some flowers for our window boxes. : )

I knew I wanted alyssum and fell in love with the African Daisies.

This box has more purple alyssum and white daisies. The other box(not pictured) has more white alyssum and purple daisies.

I should have taken a picture on Saturday when it was sunny and the daisies weren't hiding. Hopefully, the sun will come out and the dasies will grace us with their gorgeous petals.

Saturday we raged war on our yard. First, Andrew mowed then he and I raged war on a series of unruly vine the previous owners planted and let grow wild. We're halfway done and under all that vine and bush are 4 tree stumps, 3 cinderblocks and 4 metal piping things. We think we'll find a graveyard when we finish.

We think the owners were lazy and planted the ivy just to cover up the stumps. ugh!!! Even not finished and 2 of 4 stumps revealed it looks way better than a 4 foot tall clump of green mass.

The joys of gardening a new yard.

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