Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wild Souvenirs

If you know me, or read my blog, you know how much I love mugs from places I visit. Well, the Wilds was no different. I knew I wanted at least a mug and told Andrew before we left to budget about $30 for souvenirs for wherever we were going. He laughed and said that's a little much. To which I replied, "two mugs, stickers and maybe a shirt". I'm pretty sure he shook his head and walked away from me.

Well, my guess was pretty close. I found this cool window sticker, about $4 of this sticker went to conservation and it sticks on the inside of a window instead of the outside which I prefer. Oh, there's a cheetah inside the rhino. Don't laugh, it took Andrew a little while to figure that out.

Please excuse the chapstick stain. I had just finished up my tea and was too lazy to wipe it off. It's ok though, it's a mug, it doesn't know it had a photoshoot.

Once I saw the mug selection I knew I had to get one that said "Nomad Ridge" where we slept and one the said "the Wilds". My two mug prophecy was coming true, mwuahaha! My Wilds mug is more of a cup, it's the cool kind with the twist on lid and plastic straw. Ohmygoodness, this cup is my new favorite thing ever. I can pack it full of ice and water and it stays cold forever and condensation doesn't pool up on the sides. Plus, it's spill proof and I kind of need that. I didn't find a shirt, the sweatshirts were really nice, but I couldn't justify the money for something I wouldn't wear for at least another 3 months.

Grand total $26 something something. We both laughed when she rang us up and she probably thought we were crazy. It's ok, because I've been using my Nomad Ridge mug with morning tea and my Wilds cup every afternoon for ice water and sweet tea.

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