Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Enchanted Rock, Texas Vacation

I am back from my trip to Texas. I spent a wonderful two weeks down there with my husband who is down there for the summer with the Air Force. There was a lot of waffling on my part about going down to see him, but I am so glad that I did. We had a lot of adventures and it was a great trip.

I did some Texas research and one of the things I wanted to see was Enchanted Rock. A giant granite dome you can climb. Think Half Dome, only smaller.
The sculpture in the middle shows the different domes. Enchanted Rock in the distance(it got bigger and bigger as we got closer). 

 This is only about a 1/4 of the way up. It was really windy, and weird walking up that angle.
 In these pictures I am trying to show you the grade. I lined up with the horizon so you could see the slope. The top left picture is looking straight up from about 1/4 of the way down.

 Finally!!! The Top. The top of the rock has these vernal ponds, some are filled with water and others have vegetation. They were pretty cool looking on top of the huge dome.
 Walking up the summit trail(and stopping for lots of pictures) only took about an hour and a half so we had to get in another trail. We liked the sound of Echo Canyon Trail. My hair was being mistreated by the wind, please ignore stupid hair.
 It was absolutely gorgeous back there, all the pretty creeks and wildflowers. This part of the trail I fondly named "Try and Kill or Mame Hattie Treacherous Rock Trail". It wasn't really a trail through the first part it was a scramble over the rocks towards the next trail marker. It was fun, but dangerous for me.
We even saw a lizard! Andrew spotted it, and it stuck around while I took a picture then darted off again.
It was a very pretty park and we're glad we took the drive from San Antonio. Admission was $6 per adult per day. I think it was worth it. They also had primitive campgrounds and picnic areas, it would be a nice place to have an outing and end with a picnic under a tree.

After our hike we headed back towards a touristy town called Fredricksburg where we had lunch at this delicious restaraunt called Rathskeller. It was a quaint little place in a basement with refreshing blueberry lemonade. I had the vegetarian sandwich, which from their website had Grilled portabella mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, olive paste and Swiss cheese with creamy cilantro sauce on foccocia bread. So yummy!!!!

It was a great day of good hiking and good food, what could be better?

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