Thursday, May 31, 2012

Padre Island National Seashore, Corpus Christi, Texas

Sunday morning we woke up and Andrew decided he wanted to go down to Corpus Christi and see the Gulf of Mexico. The first beach we stopped at was Mustang Island State Park, where we actually swam in the gulf! I don't have any pictures of that beach because I left the camera in the car.

After eating lunch at a bar and grill we headed down to Padre Island National Seashore. Here, I brought my camera first, and if we wanted to swim again we could change after I took pictures.
Padre Island is beautiful. There was a mass of kelp that came in the night before and there was kelp piles everywhere, but that didn't bother us. The island is also a refuge for seaturtles and there were warnings everywhere along with a seaturtle patrol car that drives up and down the beach.
 If we look crusty, it's because we are. The gulf is really salty, a lot saltier than the beaches I'm used to swimming in. Our hair was stiff was salt water.

 The only road leading north from the island is of course a hurricane evacuation route. I'd never seen one of these signs and I had to take a picture.

 I have a bunch of seabird pictures now, it was hard to narrow them down to just a few.

We left the Corpus Christi area pretty late and were on the road for the solar eclipse. We saw about 1/4 of the process before clouds came in and covered up the show. Those are our two pictures of the eclipse. Epic, right?

We liked swimming in the water so much, we went back the next week. I didn't take any pictures from that trip because it was so windy. We just swam and enjoyed ourselves. 

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