Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An Awesome Weekend, Preview

Andrew and I had a wonderfully productive weekend. Andrew had a four day weekend and we took full advantage of the time off.
Our four days were packed full of yard work and fun, my favorite way to split up time. It looked something like this:
Thursday night: Hangover 2
Friday: Columbus zoo, supply shopping at Lowe's
Saturday: Mowing lawn, pulled weeds, put together picnik table, painted picnik table, washed patio, took out old owners sandbox, re-mulched and put in walking stones, watched the parade through our town, vacuumed and cleaned the house
Sunday: Went to Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Monday: Grocery shopped, watched movies

End busy weekend

It was such a wonderful weekend. The posts on blogger are moving a little slow lately, so I'll post pictures of the weekend later in the week. Hopefully, blogger will start working faster for me and it won't take an hour to do a post.


  1. Did you like the Hangover 2? I loved it and just Alan along cracks me up haha.