Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mug Shots

Haha, creative title. I'm so smart. Anyway. I have a new hobby, it's one that's been in the making since I was a little girl. My hoarder tendecies are easily traced back to my mom and dad. Specifically the fact that our cupboards were filled with a range of coffee mugs from all over. Sadly, we only have a few left but I remember the collection being huge! Mugs from San Diego, San Francisco and various California locations. I think we even had some Minnesota mugs with loons on them.

So, after a childhood of coffee mug brainwashing, I have started to collect mugs. Andrew puts up with me and loves me : )

Our trip last weekend involved a trip into two states I've never been to, Kentucky and Tennessee. I didn't quite make it into the North Carolina part of the Smokies a NC mug will have to wait. I originally wanted 3 mugs, one from Kentucky, Tennessee and GSMNP. Andrew put a limit on it and these are my loot from the weekend.

I have older mugs too, my giant Yosemite mug from last fall and a North Dakota one from my trip last summer.

And really, the mug/cup that started it all. Love this tea cup! It sits out by our stove all the time and I use the saucer as a spoon rest.

Once I start to accumulate huge numbers of mugs I'll have to get Andrew to build me a display case to show them off rather than keep them hidden in the cabinet.

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  1. I love love love mugs soooo much. There is a mug infestation at my apartment. I don't think I'm allowed to buy anymore hehe.