Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Guest Room Complete

We painted the guest room shortly after we moved in, it was one of the rooms with an ugly color and just had to be fixed. We had all the furniture we needed for this room, the daybed and dresser from my childhood and the side shelf.

We added the pitcher, art and ladder later. We knew this room wouldn't be really finished without a mattress, but we had a plan for that. At least the room looked more pulled together and not purple. My mom came out to visit in May and we played up that the guest room was done except for a mattress, and the couch would have to do, made it sound like the living room was the place to be. When she arrived, we showed her this room last and said "Happy Mother's Day!" as she figured out that it wasn't an empty daybed anymore like she'd seen in pictures.

There's a full bathroom off this room in the office, so this "wing" is like a private suite. The mattress may have been a mother's day present, but we're very happy that we'll be able to have guests actually have a nice place to stay when they visit. Our next project with this room is to make a trundle bed. That way two people can stay on a mattress in this room, even if they're on different levels.


  1. This looks great! Love it! I like the big ladder. I'm your newest follower. Hope you can visit em sometime.